How to reply with private messages to the received Facebook Pages reviews

Unfortunately, this feature don’t works as expected. It replies only if user has sent you a private message or commented a your post in the last 24 hours. 

Since the version 0.1.0, the Chatbot app allows to reply with private messages to the received Facebook Pages reviews. You can setup a private message for positive and negative reviews. 

You can use the private messages for reviews to share special discounts codes to the positive and negative reviews. You can use private messages even to share gifts.

To add a private message for the negative or positive reviews:

  • Go to the Chatbot app.
  • Click on the Facebook Pages menu’s item.
  • Click on the Connect button to the page which you wish to configure.
  • You will see Positive Reviews and Negative Reviews boxes.
  • You have to enable the private messages for Positive or Negative Reviews before to enter the message.
  • Save Changes.

After this, the Chatbot app will reply to the received reviews. Unfortunately for likes don’t work because Facebook doesn’t send the information about the person.