How works the Facebook Pages posting in ADVconsole

ADVconsole allows you to publish posts in you Facebook Pages with text, links, photos, emojis and even videos. ADVconsole allows you to publish multiple photos for a post but you can’t publish multiple videos because photos will be saved in an album but videos no.

You can publish on your Facebook Pages even without permissions but the visibility of your posts will be restricted. Therefore is better to get the official Facebook permissions.

You can publish posts manually from the Posts app, also you can connect RSS for automatic posting on Facebook. Another option you have in the ADVconsole Social Planner if you have it. You can publish on Facebook Pages even from the ADVconsole Stream. 

For each published post on Facebook Pages you will get insights from ADVconsole, you will be able to read the comments and reply to comments. But there are many apps which adds more features for Facebook Pages.